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Charity – Change makes Change!

Here is a new catagory I’d like to introduce to all my readers out there….. Charities.

If you are like me, you are constantly surrounded by ways to donate money, time, services and emotional giving to a lot of different charties. There are so many to choose from and realistically, you just have to be walking down the street to see someone who is in need. It’s very clear out there that everyone understands the power of giving and the importance of contributing to a worthy cause or charity – this is evident by all the companies that support United Way, Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, former President Clinton wrote a book about it and the list goes on. We all know of our major ones — but in these posts, along with some of the major organizations out there — I’m searching for those charities that may not have the best marketing, the best exposure and some unique ones that may peak your interest! With that being said, I’m thrilled to bring to your attention the following site! www.Changemakeschange.com

This site is not a charity in itself — it’s much larger then that as it is a concept and I have to say, it’s a great concept and the PERFECT start to my charity posts!

“Change makes Change” started on an idea that the average U.S. American household has approximately $30 in loose change laying around. Now while you may think $30 is not much to get excited about…. think again! Just count how many homes are in your current sub-division ($30 x 100 homes = $3,000) or how many ashtrays full of change are sitting in your work parking lot right now! Check out the website and see how some places used the “change makes change” concept to help donate to victims of Hurricane Katrina!

“Change makes Change” is a very easy way to start on your path to donations and contributions — the change you have laying around right now, that you probably didn’t even realize you had, can add up to help make a great “change” in someone else’s life.

I know with these tough economic times, donating as much as we used to may not be possible right now … but by cleaning out your car, bottom of your purses (I found $1.27 in the bottom of my purse!), lifting up your couch cushions and just taking your extra cents you get back from your purchases and putting them in a jar each month, it’s a perfect way to donate without over extending yourself, to some worthy causes!

I had the opportunity to meet up with one of the creaters of this project, Art Nicholas, who by the way … is a wine lover too … and here is what he told me:

Change Makes Change has encouraged schools, churches, charity organizations and interested in individuals to do “change drives” on behalf of specific charities. These drives have netted collections ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

This fall the website will be updated to include a contest to “guess the contents” of a milk bottle filled with coins. The winning contestant will get to choose the charity where the proceeds of those coins will be donated.

This is one girl that is horrible at guessing games…. but I always love a challange, so I’ll be heading back to the site to check on this. Bloggers??? Wouldn’t this be a great game to play with all your readers?!!?

Thinking about this, I looked at my full day today, Sunday, and wondered what in the course of the day I could do to make a simple “Change makes Change” event — I came up with 5 cents. (are you thinking I’m a cheap-skate yet?) Here is my theory. I shop at Ozark Natural Foods here in town and they have a program where if you bring your own bag, they will give you 5 cents back. Right on their counter they have 2 charties that take donations. 5 cents may not be much, but let’s break this down. 5 cents per bag per… maybe 250 shoppers for that day?? = $12.50 a day. Take that $12.50 x 29 days = $362.50 a month. 12 months in a year…… $4,350.00 toward that charity …. and it only cost us 5 cents. And did you notice — the 5 cents came from me taking out extra time to bring my own bag…. hardly a difficult thing to do and also great for the envrionment!

Take a look at your day and see where you can help out… spread the word…..

Oh — and check out my Mad HouseWife Wine review ….. buying a White Zin Wine for them, helps a cause….

Change and Cheers everyone!

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